A day in the life of a lonely old man, James. 同志微电影: 孤独的老人James (詹姆士) 的一天。
deleted scenes:

This was my first film, which I made at Brighton Film School. Shot on Canon 600D and Nizo S800.

Screening History:
Spokane GLBT Film Festival, 3rd Nov, 2012
Serile Filmului Gay International Film Festival, 15 November, 2012
CINECITY Brighton Film Festival, 2 December, 2012
Merlinka International Queer Film Festival, 15th Dec, 2012
Out in the Desert Film Festival, 23 Jan, 2013


James — David Forest
Boyfriend — Joe Rawson
Mother — Tamar K. Karpas
Father — Simon Melhuish
Young James — Sebastian Charleton


  1. OMG – I see myself in this film.  I lost my partner to heart disease in 2010.  I'm blessed with friends, but there are many moments alone.

  2. I have a lot of regrets. We all aged. I am now 39 and I don't want to be alone like this. Loneliness is a sad place and it is very difficult to battle. This short movie is an eye opener for most, if not all gay men all over the world.

  3. Hola dejenme decirles que este Film, no trata de la sola relación entre dos hombres… Muchos piensan que lo que se desea es sólo sexo, no nada que ver, eso en dado caso es el complemento de una relación, lo que se desea es tener a alguien que quiera compartir la vida contigo, lo vemos en la expresión de cuando (se entiende) que se le declara, y acepta, sabiendo en si que es compartir la vida, risas, triunfos, fracasos, problemas etc. pues la promesa no es sólo para lo bueno…Este film no habla de la relación de nosotros ya adultos con jovenes, sino la verdad, del rechazo (sociedad y familia en especial la familia) trata de la soledad, toda una vida solitaria, desde el punto de vista de nosotros mismos, en la simple espera de llegar a tener a alguien quien quiera compartir la vida contigo, la perdida y por supuesto la esperanza de volverle a ver… Dos almas gemelas no las puede saparar la muerte, aunque la espera es tristemente solitaria…

  4. Hence the reason why we should have older LGBT community groups. I have always wanted to open a community center for older LGBT to come together, have a meal, play games, get basic medical treatment and just come to interact with each other and have a place to be instead of just being alone. I hope to make that dream come through soon as I myself am getting older.  Though not "old" I am acutely aware that my friends and chosen family may die sooner than myself (due to particular health circumstances) and I can just be the "last man standing".  Alone.  

  5. So true. I have come across many gay older men like this and it's heart breaking.
    Yes most young gay guys are very shallow and put such premium on outer beauty that it is unbelievable. But there are two sides to the coin. Many older men prefer much younger men and so they keep running after guys that would never care or love them. I have met some who even have ridiculous cut offs like under 22 years only, meanwhile they are 65+ . If more older men accepted ageing and got together with men around their own age, we would all be happier in our old age.

  6. This film is exactly what I am trying to bring awareness of. I am 56, gay and getting more lonely by the day. The concept of people about the gay guy is that they are supposed to have washboard stomachs and big cocks. It makes me angry that the older gay generation is forgotten to fend for themselves and then die in loneliness.

  7. Thank you for making this. Loneliness is a big issue for a lot of older gay men. We survived such extreme homophobia and the younger generation views us as gross. It's so taboo to talk about aging in the gay community but those who survive will age.

  8. Thanks for making and sharing it. Everyone will some day lost his or her loved ones, but then life goes on treasure what you have today. Love is divine and eternity.

  9. Thanks for this video; it has shown me that there can still be a certain dignity to dying old and alone.

  10. Lovely film. I didn't not find it sad. The man in the film may have been alone, but everyone is alone that loses his or her partner. I think the loneliness in the film is universal.

  11. I never thought that i could cry this much, but i did, which show me indeed that i still have feelings , unfortunately i lost my partner, after 15 years together, and don´t know much how to go on with him. Anyway, wonderful film and it has touched me very deep. Congratulations, i know there is a wonderful future ahead for you!

  12. This is really amazing, it's simple, no dialogue, but powerful.
    Also, I like what you did there on the alarm clock to show that the character has passed away.

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