University of Illinois redshirt-freshman Isaiah Martinez wins the NCAA wrestling 157-pound national title. Martinez defeated Brian Realbuto (Cornell) by major decision, 10-2, on March 21, 2015 in St. Louis to become the first freshman to be an undefeated national champion since Cael Sanderson of Iowa State accomplished the feat in 1999.



  1. I'm a fan of NCAA wrestling because it seems like a bridge between Judo and Jiujitsu

    In judo they have better take downs but the ground grappling is broken up too much

    In Jiujitsu ground game is 100% of the match and the players abuse the rules and pull guard and other things that get you killed in real fights

  2. Sitting here second year junior high with a 9-2 record (188 at 205 class) with thoughts of state qualification and coaches put me with high school wrestler (230lbs) and end up with a broken rib. Everyone calling me Wuss. Witness my bad luck play out before me. Out till state qualifying, but by then ill be outta shape (doc won't let me wrestle or even workout) and not be able to do anything. Thanks coach…

  3. Isaiah is crazy explosive never seen a guy like that – all the hundreds of hours of explosive training couldn't get me near his level

  4. funny how everyone claims they can beat this guy yet he is the one that made it here and won..those of you that think u can beat him put in the work and get there first then u can run your mouth..

  5. …Ehhh. mmmmm Any girls interested to have a fight on this matt? you can also film your match wrestling these guys!? No?!! :)))))) Its very funny that in a specific stage those "Girl kicks guy`s ass at wrestling" just vanish into thin air.

  6. I recognize Brian Realbuto because I used to babysit for him and his brother when I was in high school. When we wrestled together for fun, I pinned him every time within 2 minutes. Since Isaiah Martinez wasn't able to pin him that means I can beat Isaiah Martinez which means that I'm the 2015 NCAA Wrestling Champion.

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