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  1. I likes ya and I wants ya. Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way? The choice is yours.

  2. Justin trudeau has caused the force feminization of all males and there are only a few of us straight normal dudes still in canada

  3. is it gay if youre a male (physically and mentally) and fuck fuck a female (physically) but she identifies as a male (mentally)? also, is it gay if youre a male (physically and mentally) but fuck male who looks like a female (physically) and identifies as a female (mentally)?

  4. Turns out most people are mostly straight or mostly gay, but toxic masculinity means gay = unmasculine and therefore weak and to be despised. Pity these victims.

  5. “Dudes is not trying to be like high-fivin’ you after you come out a cell and you done fucked another man in the ass, you know?” Oh snap, Big Herc killed me w that one.

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