Scientists have identified two new genetic connections to homosexuality. Does this confirm that there are predisposed sexual orientations?

We Got Our DNA Tested, Here’s How It Actually Works –

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What do the new ‘gay genes’ tell us about sexual orientation?

“Two gene variants have been found to be more common in gay men, adding to mounting evidence that sexual orientation is at least partly biologically determined. For the first time, individual genes have been identified that may influence how sexual orientation develops in boys and men, both in the womb and during life.”

Where Is It Illegal To Be Gay?

“There are many places in the world where it’s illegal to be gay. In fact, according to the U.N., homosexuality is a crime in at least 75 countries, 13 of which impose the death penalty for homosexual acts. Anti-gay laws are most pervasive in Africa and the Middle East.”

Study of gay brothers may confirm X chromosome link to homosexuality

“Dean Hamer finally feels vindicated. More than 20 years ago, in a study that triggered both scientific and cultural controversy, the molecular biologist offered the first direct evidence of a “gay gene,” by identifying a stretch on the X chromosome likely associated with homosexuality. But several subsequent studies called his finding into question.”

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  1. Being gay literally destroys the gene line, so how can it be genetic? More research is needed on aids not these meaningless experiments. Being gay is a lot more complicated than a mere choice, or Genes. May God help us with this dilemma plaguing our people.

  2. I have met gay people. I know sex with a straight man turns you both gay but If you have sex with a gay man will that turn him straight or you gay?

  3. I have no problem with your reporting nor the information presented within this video. However, I know "don't go googling it at work, leave it to the pros" was supposed to be a funny quip, but I would suggest that, as a science channel, you "don't go" discouraging honest inquiry and teaching people to rely on the opinion of authority. This is the basis of science: Question everything; hold no thought as sacred.

  4. If there are genes that make you homosexual, then there will soon be no homosexuals around because there is no way for them to reproduce and the genes will disappear​. Survival of the fittest. SIMPLE AS THAT.

  5. You never know how many homophobic ppl their are until someone makes a video about it and everyone thinks it’s being shoved down their throats

  6. I think as soon as we meet a full on gay alien race everyone will realize you can still be cool and gay and stop making a big deal out of the gender of a relationship.

  7. I just think it's part of human development, it teaches about the body and makes you realize extremes you haven't thought of prior.

    Where it starts, how it works or ends is beyond me.

    I just think it's a shame young kids are very misguided.

    Pardon the rant comment.

  8. I think its genetic. There are always a major pattern or behavior in nature followed by smaller percentages of other patterns or behaviors. Being LGBTQ is consistent with that. Where the issue comes is the majority can't agree which of these patterns or behaviors they will accept. Some are morally and socially acceptable while others are not. I think as long as you're not hurting anyone else or yourself its okay. Being LGBTQ conforms with this, they are not hurting anyone else with their beliefs (or rather genetic behavior) so its okay to me.

  9. I really doubt this. But I don't get the point: Why does it matter where your sexual orientation comes from?

  10. I would like to seem gene comparison of male female ppl that identify as diff gender and sexual attraction so 8 groups to see what genes have in common

  11. Put on your tinfoil fedora folks, this one is hot, theres a surplus in human population and not enough jobs for everyone as everything gets automated, "they" (as in the people in control) really NEED you to perform every kind of sex that isan't the naturally intended one, gotta hit them brakes on people production.
    If they can make a vaccine to make you gay, they will.

  12. First of all I believe every one in this world should have their own rights (which might go against the nature), to whomsoever they like (unless it does not interfere in any others interest)
    Next, @Julian don't spread the wrong information to your subscribers, first, the graves disease does not have any defect in TSH receptor (TSHR), instead it the overproduction of TSI (thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin), which causes hyperthyrodism (weight loss and other features), Secondly the graves disease is much more common in females (M:F :: 1:6), which if you think support homosexuality, then it should support lesbianism rather than gay.

  13. people who are homophobes is also gonna believe that the earth is flat after being in denial of scientific evidence such as this?

  14. if this were true wouldn't darwinism weed out this mutated gene and we wouldnt have any gay men because they cannot reproduce

  15. Having it in your genes doesn't make being gay healthy or a natural thing. Some of us have genes to be prone to some diseases and psychological problems and I don't see that can be considered as a healthy thing. Having the genes maybe is not a choice, but proceeding with that unhealthy behavior is definitely a choice. If we follow gay argument with genes we can approve many things like incest, bestiality and pedophilia… in the end the cause is genes and not a choice, right?

  16. I'm pretty sure most of us know that sexuality isn't a choice and is inherently genetic. I grew up naturally being sexually attracted to women, just like how I know from talking with my gay friends that they didn't have a choice in being attracted to males.

  17. ahhhh shit now u gonna have a on of straight guys who happen to have these genes and say shit guess im gay now lol

  18. Doesn't this mean that the genes won't be passed down as homos dont reproduce? Damn theyre gonna be exinct….

  19. You can also make a video discussing Epigenetics: Until recently, it was believed you were stuck with the genes you were born with. But now it’s known that your genes get turned on and off and are expressed to greater or lesser degrees depending on lifestyle factors. Just like me, you’re showing off recent studies that support your already existing viewpoint, only you’re doing it on a massive scale. In the 1940s this was called propaganda. I’m unsubscribing..

  20. For all of the human history Psychologist, doctors, and others all agreed that homosexuality was disease, a perversion!
    Then the Democrats and National News Media took up homosexuality as a civil right. That was in the 1970's! Then Democrats and Media began indoctrinating the people into believing homosexuality was just another way to have sex! That is called Politically Correct thinking!
    God forbids homosexual acts because they are dangerous and create and spread sexual diseases. This is born out by many studies. In every study on sexually transmitted diseases one group is always mentioned, homosexuals!
    Many thousands die every year from sexual perversion but because our Communist News people promote and protect homosexuality they do not make a big deal out of those thousand dying. It is just another way Democrats and Left Wing Mass Media are trying to destroy the American family and America!

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