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In this week’s video we’re talking…

Obsession, overanalyses, and overvaluing.

I explain why:

–Most other women are not your competition

–Hot guys aren’t used to being approached (and how to use this in your favour), and…

–Why you become a nervous, uncharismatic wreck around a guy you consider attractive (and hot to stop this!)




  1. When you explained how guys just walk up to girls and said “hey” and end up getting laid by the end of the night had me DEcEASED soooo funny and the voice was accurate

  2. 😢😢😢😢 There's a hot guy interested in me… I tried to convince him that I'm not that pretty or he can get a prettier girl…i even stopped talking to him and he keeps coming back. Am afraid that when the chase is over and we do hook up. . I'm going to get dumped anyway. I really am skeptical. He seems like a popular guy and good looking. I'm more comfortable being alone… Like crazy cat lady alone…. Yet I don't want to be alone. I hate myself at this moment.

  3. So many guys need to hear this, I probably rate myself a 6/10, but I have the balls to just walk up to a 9/10 girl and say hello. Not some stupid line, not commenting on their looks, literally just hi, what's your name.

  4. Yes Pretty People
    U do kind of lose it
    Easy don't you but
    I had Pretty Men before but it's been
    Awhile let's break it
    Down some years
    But they are People
    Too Just got to remember that !

  5. Never go into a relationship thinking anyone is better than the other …you both are making a choice to be together …so there’s a reason he is still and you are still there. And it should never be just based on looks.
    Its more based on whether you make each other a better person .And you support and love each other .

  6. I hope to let this sink in! This is so "spot on" and inspires honesty. We each want to be with someone we like so much we eventually can honestly say I love you. Time showed.

  7. Looks: transient, superficial, and THE most important determiner if how successful you will be with the opposite sex. Sucks to be unattractive- initially- but if you are, you have more assurance that your partner likes YOU rather than your looks. Or they're just desperate.

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