Male vs Female Wrestling Match (Battle Of The Sexes)


  1. No hay sexo debil o fuerte, hay mejor técnica, más entrenamiento y más fuerza, ella es mejor en estos tres aspectos. Ella hizo lo que se le antojo con el chico. El chico no sirve para nada.

  2. Wow, she won easily! Must have been embarrassing for the boy, she is a much better wrestler, she is quicker, she has stronger legs, stronger arms and stronger shoulders. He is tossed around for 4 minutes, another minute and he would have been pinned.
    Are they in the same weight class? The boy looks maybe a year older or so?

  3. So just because 1 female out wrestles a guy because she has probably been wrestling since she could walk this means that every girl will rock any guy I understand

  4. depends.. at like weightlifting or running men are stronger. at wrestling girls are more flexible and have a lower center of gravity, so they're tough to beat. plus they're more aggressive towards guys whereas sometimes dudes are submissive to girls.

  5. total nut grab by the girl at like 1:03, i feel bad for the dude to get roughed up by her like that. they go for the nads to wear you down then beat u lol.

  6. What the HELL …take a look at this putz's face … you think that he knew what the hell to do?? Total stupid mismatch … put someone on the mat who REPRESENTS the freaking gender.

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