Iliza talks about other career opportunities in this bit from her special “War Paint,” available to buy here:

Watch the special:

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  1. I hate being around drunk females! I hate drunk people period! Make asses out of themselves! I also will never fuck a drunk bitch ever! Think with your head that has a brain in it.. Not the head that dosnt have a brain in it! Alcohol is why retards have kids! I feel sorry for the kids who's parent meet at a bar fucked like idiots and had a kid and can't even stand each other! Alcohol is bad people!

  2. that clip was only 1 minute long because she doesn't have any more material than that and I didn't even find that funny just stating an obvious fact that no man puts up with a drunk woman or her b***** other than the fact that he wants to penetrate her vag or ass and I'm sure she knows this from experience long hours of experience

  3. he only puts up with your s*** cuz he wants to f*** you that's the only reason not because he loves you but because he wants to f*** you and after you've had numerous drinks you will gladly stick your ass in the air and let him poke any orifice he wants to cuz that's the nature of you f**** American s l u t s

  4. Why does anyone think this is funny. She’s just a loud-mouthed, self-opinionated awful person.

  5. What the fuck are we supposed to do leave you hanging out there to find your way home!!! Who the fuck wants to have sex with a drunk wife thats passed out that shit is pathetic not me !!!!

  6. This is exactly why I'm MGTOW now. I don't have to put up with a woman's nonsense because they no longer have the power. My hand works fine, it's free, and doesn't bitch or complain.

  7. she is not funny… but in this instance, she IS right… that's why men do anything… it's just for pussy… there is no other value

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