In this Majority Report clip, we stan our queen Ilhan Omar.

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““Every community of struggle is intertwined. If the queer community is oppressed, then everybody is oppressed. They come to divide us. The right wing comes to divide us. What Ilhan [Omar] is really good about is that even though she has many marginalized identities, she’s great at not only standing up for her identity, but for standing up for everyone who has a marginalized identity. She gets that — that none of us are free until all of us are free.””*

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  1. Hey guys I like your show, yes yes this is the sharia law that teachers them how the man controls the brain of Islam ☪️ they have to be alone in a room with other woman is not with man 👨 ‏ men there are not allowed to be with woman’s at the same room, that’s against the ‏ The slum religion . Especially when they’re dancing they have stop dancing . And it is really shame that this woman and her country should never ever have a way of speaking or running for anything even in her community. Moslems that are using the woman is the man to get what they want . Because Islam religion it is not a religion it is the evil 👿 law of sharia. Promote killing and destroying the culture, invading countries …… it is a movement of Man movement of Islam ☪️.. so I America wake up… look at middle east where is the The Christian .? I call this religion, evil religion and it’s a cancer ♋️ it spreads very fast . So you need to work on this topic very fast , just like your run a marathon…. thank you and God bless you bless America

  2. Sorry but giving equal rights does not mean you have to abandon morals this is truly wrong pornography and homosexuality is a disease and why there are higher rates of this in the west are questionable its like a satanic cult your being exposed to capitalism liberalism is wrong its like your life simply lives on money and only the rich get the most privileges and thats wrong its a economic problem and those who saying negative things about sharia law well being democratic does not mean you forget about morals its comon sense sharia law will only work if its implemented in the right way and there are punishments for certain things what you see in the news about sharia law is mostly propaganda if you want a theocratic government then democracy and equal rights should also be respected but doing this kind of stuff like the lgbt is simply insane and just shows how people have lost there morals in tge eastern world you will not see this even in Russia they banned the parade the west lost its core morals and follow a satanic cult people dress badly porn addiction etc religion plays no role in society education is another way to help people with awareness all i can say is i hope god gives these people guidance ameen

  3. In Islam we don't married our brothers and sisters and uncles so because you you dirty white people sleep with fucking sisters brothers and father sleep with his daughter or son don't fucking think we are the same just because it is part of your clutuer it dose meant is what we Muslims like keep you sick fucking mind to your self white people who love killing rapping abousing and islavers you can't talk

  4. She wants support from the gay community

    In Islam we don’t have the right to attack people because of their sins, but also we should not encourage them to commit the sin, or make it to be Ok.

  5. How someone chooses to continue in Islam with the research tools available today to show it as it Really is … A Political Cult founded by Satanic Worshippers and Supported by Assimilated Masses Of Frightened people believing they worship GOD!
    The Reality is they worship a Sick Murderous Pedophile Ridden Political Cult!

    That is Islam!
    Substantiated by Research with very little effort indeed!

    A Cult Of Sheeple Frightened by Death If They Attempt To Leave!

  6. The hatred Omar expresses in Congress is a consequence of America's uncontrolled immigration.  We have more foreign born people in American than ever in our history and they are from violent cultures that hold the United States and our values in contempt. Somalia is an example.  Omar and her supporters  have demonstrated they don't want to embrace the Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  Rather it is clear that she advocates the destruction of America's liberties. 
    You only have to watch the debates to know these anti-American forces have taking control of the Democrat party. Now a vote for Democrats is a vote to dismantle our system of government, our borders, and the rule of law, so that these foreign autocrats and leftist elitists can take permanent control.

  7. I am thinking you're law Americans you guys invented gays and the rainbow color that's America they should be proud of that the whole world to know that the rainbow color is a gay sign that will they are American made so America good job when you go to God

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