I knew I wanted to see more of handsome and fit jock model William Goodge on the Gay Body Blog and I took a little time to find the right collection of pics of the guy for this post. It’s a shoot by famous photographer Greg Vaughan, and it’s a sporty and sexy one that really just leaves us wanting more of the incredibly handsome guy.

And, I’ve just worked out who he reminds me of. I spent a while looking at the last post with pics of him trying to work it out, but it finally came to me this morning… he looks a bit like David Boreanaz. Remember him? He’s the guy from Angel and Bones. Let me know if you see it too, or maybe I’m just imagining things.

It’s not all about that handsome face, of course. Check out that incredible body and try not to think too much about how much work it probably takes to stay in that kind of shape lol

I imagine he spends a lot of time at the gym, and I’m sure if I had the time to spend doing that instead of working I might have a body like this too.

Who am I kidding? I enjoy beer and snacks too much.

Leave a comment, let me know what you guys think of him, and have a fantastic Saturday!