This is my first Gacha Life Mini Movie! I had such a great time making this! If you have any tips leave it down below or anything else you wanna say. -3- Its like our 20+ Subscriber special but not that! Me and Ari loves you!
If you’re new here
I’m Luna, and Ari is my companion!
I love y’all
-Luna out.


  1. Me at an interview:

    Me: Hi uh I’m insert real name here and I like watching yaoi-
    Job interviewer thing: What is yaoi?
    Me: shi-
    Interviewer: What is YAOI
    Me: boys love..
    Interviewer: You’re hired
    Me: wha?

  2. I want to like and dont worry no one will ever find out hehehe

    BUT MY BROTHER SOOOOOO YEAH i hope he doesnt check my youtube and but he doesnt knoe my password which is great ill be secretly gay HA HA HA

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