1. I think gay marriage is a white mans concept. I think truly as a black thing it is way down the list of major priorities that the black LGBT community needs to be concerned with more like a gesture more then anything and troublesome. What could come next hatching eggs?

  2. Don't agree at all with that idea that gay men can't love and it's about lust. I've been with the same dude for 26 years and we've been married for the last 2 years. It is possible to be happy.

  3. all gay men are not equal , you learn from life experiences after see how life is real is when your young and get older I think then you could possibly marry

  4. Jacob annoys me. You can never even debate with him, without him completely ignoring your POV or him trying to change it altogether. Like wtf. Let people speak! … And pay attention and listen.

  5. Notice how Jacob is one of those ppl hes talking about.. Theres 2 types of gays. Ones who look for love and ones who look for partners. Not the same shit and Jacob obvs lives for the now and partners.. And so does the majority of the world. I dont cause to me thats wrong and lustful but most people cant see it cause its them

  6. What I don't understand is why do gay men in general have to go way all out to prove a point or make a statement?? instead of just being themselves they have too do the most,dressing in drag,wearing makeup,talking girlish,being flamboyant etc. from what I understand is that a gay man want a man. not a man who look like a girl,wear makeup and wear girls clothing. I agree gay marriage is not for gay men,especially black gay men …why would anyone want to meet anyone off a sex website…Gay is lust not love..

  7. Jayson sounds uneducated. Not all gay men are on Jack'd looking for anonymous sex. In all relationships, gay or straight, sex plays a major role in the relationship.

  8. Jacob, oh, Jacob, you tried to assess and summarize a guy's past and future relationships just to have your own perception assessed and summarized right back at you. You approached Jacen as a puzzle with many scattered pieces. He obliged and put displaced pieces back together. Simply put, your shade got reflected. Note it, quote it, file it away….yet, I still got love for ya, babyboy.

  9. He can't put everybody in THE SAME BOWL. Not every men are the same and there are SUCCESFUL gay relationships. There are gay couples who are together 20 to 30 years. So DON'T GENERALIZE

  10. jacen's facial expressions are the best. I love it. please dont get offended, im not attacking you, but if you're interviewing someone, let them speak. the whole purpose of an interview is to get their perspective on topics or you're are trying to get to know them better. you have plenty of videos. we know what you believe & think. love the interviews. keep them coming.

  11. Shade or no shade. Everybody is a contraction because there is no way we can't because as a society we have to many rules. When you own your truth you shut everyone down no matter if others think its bad or not. Jacob owned his truth and nothing could be said and it was on to the next topic. Love it!

  12. Jko u know u my dude on the tube. But y were u talking like that. lol "whaaat I'm confused sooo we went from love to business. soooo marriage is a business"
    I'm over her cracking up 😂😂😂😂

  13. i truly respect and love depth of this topic. frfr. this is something that truly need to be shined on ! the topic of marriage and true love in humanity period.

  14. Yes Jacob I live for you! 😍 I been with my husband for 7 years, married for 7 months and for him to generalize gay men the way he did was tired. Girl if you don't see yourself getting married anytime soon that's fine but gone somewhere with that judgement. I damn sure ain't with my husband for no sex, money or whatever. I love him period and ain't nothing fake about that!!!

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