A Freedomain listener wrestles with her physical attraction to a very hot guy – what about the warning signs?


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  1. Got some real ageist people in these comments. So she's 60, so what? You guys act like all of your are just going to sit down and watch matlock as soon as your 60 and never want sex again. You guys are bullshitting yourselves.

    Same people talking shit like this are the same types of idiots who screamed "fuck old people" and "I'm going to be young forever!" When they were teenagers. Smh.

  2. A 60 year old who never grew beyond 19 years of age. still wants to live like. 19 year old.
    Crux of the matter:
    There is nothing else in her life that Gets her any attention from people around her.
    So this guy gets her attention because he is so handsome. This man orbitting her is the only source that gets her some validation in her life and lifts her above those who are in her enviromment (friends , work colleagues etc).
    She cant let go of him because she is now addicted to all that attention.

  3. He is the consummate Lathario. He will not ever do what's right by you. So he knows that Mr. Molyneux will tell you the truth so you will protect yourself.

  4. I'm pretty attractive.
    And Stephan is right, when I was in my teens & 20s it was like a curse.
    You never know if people are nice or want to be your friend, because of the looks or if it's genuine.
    I never wanted to be reduced to my looks, although at times I took advantage of them-
    because why not…but it was minor
    And since I wanted to have more to offer, I started reading, watching documentaries & educating myself on everything I could get my hands on, from a very early age.
    & later I "Had TO" go to university. I wanted to see the shocked faces, when people saw that there was more to me than looks.
    Now that I'm 44 looks are slowly fading (as half Asian… it goes pretty slow)
    But since then I feel like the curse is lifted. It is like a big weight off my shoulders.

  5. Pretty people are spoiled children. Coddled by everyone to the point of being insufferable douche-bags that get away with whatever they're allowed to.

  6. she cant do any that or say that to him cuz he listens to the show, she should go thru with it anyways and get in a good baptist church asap

  7. Love what you do, Stefan! I mostly listen to your podcasts via the FDR app, so I don't usually watch the videos. Now that I've seen this, may I iron your backdrop?? 😀 Seriously though, keep up the good work!

  8. I can't believe it's just his looks. That's just a man's problem or a problem of egg carrying women.
    I believe it's he fits her needy sibling pattern.
    And his charms keep her from getting it.
    One of the both: She would have dumped him long ago.

  9. I have family and many friends in vancouver, so I have spent significant time there. It is definitely the nut garden/California of Canada. Chock full of people who never grew up and want to stay ignorant forever, pursuing only the most visceral and shallow things life has to offer.

  10. He wants to keep his perminant relationship for love and stability, he wants younger girls to play with on the side, and to prove to himself that he can still pull in the younger chicks, and he gets pleasure out of being wanted by them..

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