Nick Suriano of Bergen Catholic technical fall Sam Schneider of Emerson Boro, 18-3 in the Region 2, 120 pound final bout held at Bergen Community College. (Video by Amanda Marzullo | NJ Advance Media for


  1. I love to watch the expression on the crowd's snouts. I did not say faces, features, mugs or countenances. I SAID SNOUTS. The vicarious pleasure of seeing a couple of machos rubbing sweaty and sticky bollocks with each other, sniffing each other's groins getting a hardon in the process make these onlookers get a woody themselves. ART WORKS WONDERS. ART OMNIA VINCIT.

  2. I sort of have to admire a fighter who doesn't hesitate to go right for the balls if thats what it takes to win.

  3. This is why SO many gay men love wrestling. Name any other activity you can grab or get a face full of another dudes junk in front of a crowd and people think its just "sport".

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