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My name is Elliot Scott and I am a dating coach that is going to teach you how to get a boyfriend and attract the guy you like. I am going to teach you numerous ways to attract your crush and get him to fall for you. I have helped thousands of women all over get the guy of their dreams. I am going to tell you how to find out if a guy likes you and the signs that a guy likes you. I also will teach you why men pull away and what to do if they pull away.

I am going to give you a ton of free dating and relationship advice. Everything you need on how to make a guy fall for you is in my guides and videos. Don’t worry about men pulling away or losing interest. I show you how to get a guy to like you again. I show you how to get a guy back once and for all. If you have any topic or question on attraction and getting guys to desire you then you will find it here. I have been doing this for a long time and I don’t plan on stopping. I love what I do.

I cover a lot of the following: How to get a guy to like you, signs a guy likes you, how to get a guy back, how to get your ex back, how to get him to like you again, how to get a guy to text back or text faster, and many more.

I am no way a professional or licensed. This is all just my experience, knowledge, and opinion.

One more thing: I don’t want you to ever think I am trying to blame you or gaslight you into thinking something that isn’t true or actually happening. My intentions are to give you another way of looking at things and to help you question what is actually going on. My intention is to give clarity and insight. You don’t have to agree with that is being said.


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  2. I just sidestepped a hot/cold guy the day before yesterday. An old work friend of mine gave a speech, so I went to support him. The next morning he wrote me and said he was so grateful for the support and that he’d love to get something to eat with me. I said it’s okay, you don’t owe me anything, and to that he said that he’d love to see me again.. So I said yes. Then he said he wanted to have happy hour with a client of his on Tuesday night, and then he never tried to confirm with me until 3 pm on Tuesday. I thought he was standing me up the whole day, so I declined and said, “I was really looking forward to seeing you, but I never heard time or place from you, so I made other plans for to. Rain check?” To that he said, “Sure.” Silence. I don’t know why he’d ask me out to just toy with me, but it’s ridiculous already. He’s pushing 60 years old, and I’m 44. How many fucking years am I gonna keep meeting the same asshole? Yes, I made myself scarce when he disrespected me, but I haven’t actually been on a date in a year. These guys can’t even plan and show up. Why does a colleague flirt with me and then act like that? Trying to lower my value by saying, “Are you coming out to play tonight?” instead of just acting like a man?

  3. Why do guys pull this crap day after day with women? Do these types of guys think of setting down. Or is it just a stat that 20% of the male population are idiots. So a woman has to look for the 80% that are normal. What kind of mothers raise these sons?

  4. All the losers and time wasters use the same excuses, they all say they have mental issues or low self esteem or life issues.. Their victim mentality is a trick to hook you and exploit your assets while never giving back to you. Don't fall for it, it's a game using your empathy and hopes against you.

  5. The only one advice is to let him go. This guy has extremely low self esteem and a bunch of insecurities. Once you spot this behavior, kick his arse out of your life as soon as possible. Those guys are for f…ed up girls and let them find each other…

  6. I love this video! This is a great message. Raise your standards girls. We aren’t a therapist. He will heal and leave you for someone else who values themselves.

  7. He's not working on him self, he says he's trash so he doesn't have to work on himself and you feel pity for him, he can still act the same and get away with it, so it's pure manipulation.
    I do my inner work, I go to therapy, I meditate, I practice mindfulness, if he doesn't take accountability of his own mental and emotional health, bye, women are not men's therapist.

  8. Can you do more videos on how to handle dating men with mental health issues? I find myself in a similar situation and sometimes I don’t know whether to stay or go 😔 how would I know if it’s really a mental health issue and not manipulation?

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