This video gives my TOP 3 tips based on my experience as a relationship expert and therapist to get a guy to chase you, call you back more, and essentially continue to pursue you. If you’re sick of chasing guys around, this video is for you!


  1. Try and interact with other people while he's around to seem busy and interesting. Don't always give him the attention as soon as he walks into a room, that won't help.

  2. You know what’s depressing is I haven’t been near guys much at all because of school. I haven’t met anyone I’m attracted to in so long I really do feel so depressed because it’s like I want a relationship but I haven’t even seen a male in half a year. And I tried dating ugly guys i can’t do it. I can’t. I hate dating apps because I’ve been assaulted by using dating apps many times so I’m not going to do that again. Idk what to do I’m already 23 and i don’t even have a boyfriend. I feel like if I’m still single by 25 I really am giving up. I’m already so tired of waiting. If I don’t find a boyfriend by 25 I’m just moving to a new country and refusing to date ever again because I really hate the process of waiting for some guy who isn’t ugly to show up

  3. can you do a video on how to like flirt with a guy in a public place ( for example oh im at the mall with my friends oh we see a cute guy oh how do i get his number or a date with him ?) that kinda video xx

  4. In my opinion, if a guy texts you, and you wait for a while, it will seem like you have stuff going on and a life that you are living, like you also have other priorities you need to take care of.

  5. Although I agree with the last one, there's another tactic as well: reply immidietly, and then one day don't. since he is so used to you replying as soon as he hits 'send' this will give and air of mystery.

  6. Crap. I've known a guy for years and he is my best friend. I just got his number. Let's just say I screwed up. Literally the last text I sent was where are you. LMAO

  7. I really like a popular guy but I don’t think he likes me I sit next to him in English and I feel we have a slight connection and in other lessons we always smile at each other

  8. What about if the guy says he's busy all the time and barely texts you? Is he telling the truth? He said we were friends but I'm not so sure.. and the only time he texts me is when I text him first.. that obviously means he has no interest in me, right? We aren't that close yet though.. Idk

  9. Well I sound desperate…. Lol… But I'm not desperate it's jst that I give importance to ppl who cross my life…. But thnx for making this video now I know y ppl jst leave me all the time😂😂❤❤😙😙

  10. No offense but this is what society is telling us to do. It doesn't matter if your a professional at this stuff society is telling us this like don't respond until a couple hours some guys like that but most of them don't if they text you that means they want to talk to NOW not hours later. Think about it and I know what your thinking like you would know you look like your 5 but I'm just using common sense here. And I think this video is spreading false info that might break a young girls heart one day. Disagree with me I don't care but don't say I didn't warn you one day when you use these tips and have a guy running away from you instead of chasing you.

  11. Please do a video on how to make it less awkward around your first official boyfriend, because I just got my first official boyfriend, and we were friends before and would always be with our friends at the playground, he likes me and I liked him, but it's now awkward but I really really like him

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