Get made:

Mike Capes teaches you the art of adjusting the boys without rousing suspicion from onlookers. Tell us in the comments below your tips for adjusting your nuts!

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  1. Girls adjust their boobs in their bras, no one bats an eye.

    Boys adjust their balls in their shorts, everyone goes "Ew wtf gross! sick freak".

  2. You what I do. I spread my legs out really wide and pretend I’m just… actually I don’t know any reason anybody just does that. It might not be that discreet at all.

  3. Heres what you do
    Eat tons of fruits and veges
    Moderate exercise
    Go to the sauna and steam room until they hang very low!
    Wear loose fitting clothing , but not tight shorts . You can of course still see your package but its not going be restrictive.
    Wear jogging pants, or even lighter lounge pants that look like jogging pants.
    Lol there you have it
    And listen to the other Mike's advice

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