Canadians can watch the full episode of Just for Laughs: Montreal An Intervention at

DeAnne Smith discusses her gay divorce from a mime.

This no-holds-barred celebration of Montreal features affectionate jabs and playful mischief by Jimmy Carr, Alonzo Bodden, Mark Critch, DeAnne Smith and more.

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  1. She is pretty funny but not laugh out loud funny. For me, she puts a smile on my face or a small, silent laugh out my noise but doesn't make my sides hurt. But she is pretty funny!

  2. Yes youtube, i watched stand-up performances by the most obscene, unfiltered and un-liberal comedians in the world, and i wanna watch a liberal lesbian talking about gay marriage and white guy privelege for 4 minutes. Good job recommended tab

  3. “Liberal utopia”, ah yes I love lack of comedy. God why the fuck was this in my recommended? Isn’t it just “divorce”? Not “gay divorce”

  4. Not a fan of the whole super happy "aye look how clever I was" type of comedy but a lot of her jokes had good bones.

  5. I hope gay people have to go through the same shit a straight couple do. If they want equality, they need to share ALL of it. None of this shit where, since they are gay, they only have to sign a paper and go their own way. If Ellen gets a divorce, I want to hear about how "that bitch took half my shit" for the next 25 years like we do with normal divorces.

  6. I think I am officially a right wing nutball because I didn't laugh once. I guess I'll will say my farewells to the left and jump aboard the Trump train.

  7. I don't hate it. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. The corny bullshit made me smile, but none of the jokes made me laugh. I'd probably like this girl as a friend, but I'm really underwhelmed with her as a comedian

  8. I would say I'm laughing at you, not with you, but I didn't laugh at all. You are the pinnacle of why people think women aren't funny. If you're going to represent a minority like LGBT, at least have some sort of standard for yourself. People hate us for no fucking reason and your just giving them justification. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. Some loser is going to take this clip and put it in a "SJW cringe compilation". You're only feeding them. Please just take a minute to realize this.

  9. Coming from a black cishet girl,, she's not my type of humor. Personally, I kind of like it when comedians involve politics into their acts, because they do it in an actually well thought out way. Deanne was too… Blatant. They don't just make fun of a particular group, they make fun of EVERYBODY (most of the time lol). Like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, for instance. They cleverly turn everyone and everything into a hilarious joke. Deanne seems nice, but she's definitely not my type of humor. Im only pointing out my race and gender because people seem to think the only ones who don't enjoy her comedy are white, cishet males.

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