a fun video about how i realized i was gay kinda a draw my life style

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  1. If I’m a 20 year old guy and think you look cute, does that still make me straight? I’m just curious.

  2. I love the vibe of your videos so much. Anything you post, I just love hearing your voice haha is that weird?

  3. SOKO IS MY GAY MUSICAL ICON. Watch her music video "first love never dies" and you'll fall in love with her.

  4. Hayley Williams circa 2006 had 12 year old me so confused. Then I met my older sister's friend (Ill call her Taylor) who said she was bisexual. Me and my best friend at the time came out to each other at the same time and I told my friend that I liked Taylor. Word got around and one day me and Taylor were alone in the hallway. She pinned me up against the wall and I was feeling A LOT OF THINGS and she asked me if it was true and I said yes. Taylor said she liked me too but then she moved a week later. But I blossomed soon after as a baby gay and all these older girls (14-16) were always wanting to make out with me at the mall because I looked older. It sounds fucked up but I was having fun I promise. They knew how old I was so that's on them.

  5. Estabanita (Suite Life Of Zack and Cody) is when I should have known, but I didn't actually 100% know until Kate McKinnon in Ghost Busters.

  6. Im almost 19 and I just moved put of my home and started talking to a girl and When we went out together we felt like we couldnt hold hands or kiss because we were being judged and felt weird and gross like older men would stare at us and we couldnt be gay in public. We're both feminine so it just dawned on us how much society scares Gay people… and being female.. yeah, Hell no.

  7. this video genuinely helped me so much and i would write my whole ‘story’ and shit here but i’m still confused lmao but if it’s not too personal, pls do a video explaining how you came out to your friends/family because that’s what I’m finding the hardest

  8. i 100% agree that we are conditioned to be straight in way by society. I literally only realized i was bi like a year ago and i'm 23. I think for women especially, our sexuality is so tied to men and the male gaze that it can be hard for girls who arent straight to identify feelings for girls as romantic or sexual, even when logically you probably know on some level that they are. Also for me I've always been super defensive and supportive of gay rights etc since i was a kid. In a weird way I felt like it was kind of a cop out to admit i wasnt straight because then in my mind these feelings werent coming from having a good heart or caring about the struggles of others but rather they were about me and my place in the world, as dumb as that sounds lol. Anyway I've only come out to my brother so far and i realllllyyyy want to tell my best friend but she's going through a lot right now and i dont want to add to that at all. idk if i want to tell my parents because i think on some level they know. I just wish it wasnt such a thing, like i dont want it to be this big announcement. Idk I'm still not super comfortable with it unfortunately even though i love all things gay and i know there's nothing wrong with it. I've just believed i was straight for so long that it's hard to get comfortable with anything different i guess.


  10. All of what you said is so relatable to me as a lesbian. I think its common to think you have crushes on guys because we live in a heterosexual society and we subconsciously try to live that out even if that's not who we are. I definitely thought I was straight too when I was younger and I would question it but push it to the back of my head. It wasn't until I started talking to other lesbians on the internet that I realized I was gay and didn't desire men.

  11. I'm one of those rare few who was "gay" before settling on being bi. I've crushed on and dated men and women, there are parts of my identity that are very fluid, and I like that. I'm marrying a man, yes, but that's just who I ended up with. He's a bit fluid too, and we're good with that. Untraditional is so much more common now, and I love that it is.

  12. Shiiiit I could relate to so much of all of this ahhhh; falling for my straight friend, being depressed, the idea of being gay scared me, becoming obsessed qith queer media etc.

  13. I’ve literally always known I was bi , I’ve always been attracted to girls and guys. I don’t discriminate, I love everyone haha (well that’s going a little far, I definitely don’t love everyone, I actually dislike most people but you catch my drift haha)

  14. For me my story was14 i told my dad as he was driving down a hill telling him i think im lesbian , he almost crashed the car, then he yelled at me and told me i was a sinner and would go to hell, then he went home told my mom and my mom yelled at me when i got home and then she and my dad told my siblings to make fun of me and so yea from ages 14 to 18 thats what they did , then i told them i was actually transgender which i still am but i had to tell them i was just joking so that my own family wouldnt bully me … so yup thats my life bullied by my own family

  15. I've been attracted to women since GOD I can't even think back that far. Elementary school. I remember I kissed and experimented with a childhood friend and asked her if she would rather have sex with a man or woman and she seemed sooo freaked I even asked and said a man duh and I was so confused. I didn't understand what "gay" was and I spent years and years feeling like I was weird ans hiding who I was. That i was a sinner because I was raised in a religious home. I think my mom always knew. My first girlfriend was my best friend. She was the first girl I ever was super intimate with and my mom didn't even know that's why we had so many sleepovers in high school 😂 I'm now married to a man I love with two kids but I've had so many relationships with women in my life and I often wonder "am I gay? Or am I bi?" Sexuality is so confusing lol. Proud of you for being so sure of yourself! What an inspiration! 💖🌈

  16. growing up i always identified as gay but when i was 16 i met this boy and then i realized i was bi lol. we been dating ever since.

  17. I cam out as Bisexual when I was seventeen. But, I had a situation where I actually fell in love with a female to male transgender, and people were trying to keep us apart. And my best friend, at the time, had a fight with me and yelled at me saying that I wasn't Bisexual. It was HORRIBLE! But I will stick by it because I AM BI, and I have always had my suspicions about it ever since like the first grade, so. But, I fall in love with guys more than I fall in love with girls, and I see myself DEFINITELY marrying a guy in my future. But, doesn't mean that I'm not Bisexual though.

  18. I was starting an exam when I saw you uploaded.. and now a few hours later I'm home & I can finally relax and watch this video👑❤️ love you girl

  19. I was watching this and it was at the end when she said “so that’s how I knew I was gay.” And my dad walked in and was like. “Um…I’ll come back.”

  20. I’ve always been into girls since I was 4 and I never had any interest in boys and I always dressed like a boy and played every sport I could know. But I came out at 12. I find it funny cause I had girlfriends at 4 and 6 😂

  21. I kinda found a mandala effect. Independence day movie. When they show up, with the alien that will punches, to the area 51. There is a big solid green truck. I dont remember it. I watch it every fourth of july and whenever. So yea. Idk.

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