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  1. Girl I knew I liked girls since 8 years old but it really slapped me in my face at 20 years old in I’m 22 now so I know the feeling because I felt the same way at age 8 in at first I thought it was just a phase until I started crushing on this girl at jobcorps ugh 😩 girl I swear girls are awesome 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Over here being straight but am like same girl, same, same, same. 🙋🏼💁🏼
    Love the video and all your funny moments, too many to point out but this is my fave 5:26
    All love, light and gay pride to you sister.

  3. I'm not gay but I really liked this video. I feel when my brother came out I developed a connection and almost fondness for gay couples and their pride. I don't know if that sounds weird. It was like before I had a gay family member, I wasn't homophobic or anything, but it's like gay people were just like these other people I didn't have a whole lot of experience with. Since having a gay family member I find myself gravitating towards Lgbt youtubers and Media a lot and being very passionate about gay rights. It's interesting how a lot of lesbian women seem to come out later in life. Maybe a lot of young girls feel like having a boyfriend is the done thing and they just go along with it even if it doesn't make them happy. I suppose traditionally men pursue women are pursued so it can be harder maybe coming out as a young girl when men are already trying to pursue you? I dunno. I think I'm making no sense. Love your channel. You've a really cute and likeable personality. Make more videos like these please 🙂

  4. you have an ultimate ears speaker, don’t you? i know the noise at 6:17, when the speaker auto shuts off, like the back of my hand 😂

  5. Im bisexual but my boyfriend thinks I act completely straight thats only cause I like both genders so I act different around girls which he has never seen how I act towards girls

  6. I think I was like…15? when I realized I was into girls. I'm 19 now. I can 100% agree on the "more pride feeling" and "getting more into LGBTQ+" you just feel connected and committed I guess. It made me super happy to be a part of the community and made me even happier when we won marriage rights throughout America. I remember I was visiting my aunt in another state when I found out the news and I was ecstatic it was amazing!

  7. "I. Am. Gay. As. Fuuuuck." -anna just a couple short years after being strickly dickly😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤

  8. I can relate so much to this video. I had that same moment of flipping of a switch and boom I'm gay. I came out at 32. I have never heard any one else say it that way. Love ya Anna. Keep being real.

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