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  1. She “claimed that his parent a knee and were supportive ..” yep, they probably were, because in society today even a 13 year old boy is expected to be sexual already. Woo-Hoo for toxic masculinity.

  2. I don't agree with abortion aka, murder – AT ALL. (2) wrongs don't make a right …that (24) year old girl had CONSENSUAL SEX with that (13) year old and there's no reason that baby should be murdered in a CHOICE/DECISION she willingly made!

  3. People did use to get married at 14. The only reason it’s different when it happens to a boy is because societally women always have the excuse that a young girls can give consent because a grown man has some nonexistent social “power” over her. However a grown woman is just attractive but because she’s always seen as a victim it’s always assumed that women can’t take control of someone and commit a crime. It just proves that men don’t have power just from simply talking to a girl and them reacting. People only have as much power as you give them. Mental weakness isn’t an excuse

  4. I go to a small-town community college, it’s about a 20-minute drive from my house. One male professor, a good looking, funny, intelligent guy. According to one of my female friends, she caught wind of one of her friends getting his number and met him outside of school. My friend reported him and one day we came back from winter break and he was gone.

  5. Yes, this is Pedophilia, and Pedophilia among woman is very common but not exposed..

    If that was my SON!!, man!!!, this bitch better leave town because i will shoot her will she stand..

  6. I would be pissed if I ever found out a teacher, I don't care how hot she is, she took advantage of my son. That means she had to seduce and lure him into doing this shit, he didn't think of it on his own. It'd be the same if my daughter got taken advantage of, except for one thing, I'd be in prison for the attempted murder of her teacher (I'm a man, not a father yet).

  7. Are you really that dumb to have to ask which one got pregnant? If a teacher gets pregnant that would automatically mean the teachers a woman. What is wrong with you girl?

  8. it is wrong…no harm? what of she had aids and it killed him? oh so then its bad…. he's a child, he doesnt know any better. probably doesnt even know about STDs so fucked up man.

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