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  1. Love 💘 your info tytyty if u ever need help researching I'd be glad to help. I helped a guy i.d a Moroccan Brazier today worth about 1/2k. They told him it was a Russian pot samovar at sale.

  2. Too many people must have flooded them with cameras after watching this video.LOL. They just did away with buying cameras. Check out their site. Matter of fact, they start out by saying "ATTENTION PICKERS". Oh well. Was a good thing while it lasted, I guess

  3. I feel like you're leaving money on the table with that clock. Its truly one of a kind and your video will catch some serious  attention. Price at $300 to leave a little negotiation room, may even get the whole thing. Im not even a clock person and I love it! lol

  4. Retrospekt definitely has a convenience factor since you don't have to test anything. I've always done what you did with saving 4-5 cameras and sending it all at once to save on shipping. I've always sold through eBay though, and never tried sending it through their website directly! I'll have to try that out next time.

    Thanks again for the video, and congrats again!!

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy …the best of both worlds 💕… I love that clock!! I checked out your store and it's not listed yet. Was going to buy it for my sister. If it's still available I would love to buy it ..I think it's worth $200 and even if it's not I still love it and know that my sis would love it even more.. I also sell on eBay but you can email me and I can pay thru PayPal or check out my store on eBay brands-world international ..mostly higher end clothing … All the best, Jackie from NY😃

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