Ethan Renoe was just trying to go for a run without his shirt on… and he accidentally got famous. Subscribe to our channel!


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Ava Gordy:

Intro music: Orientation – Birocractic

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  1. uugh so anti-climactic!!! Here you have a gorgeous man that is constantly taking his shirt off and is single and is aparently looking for love, BUT the fucking kicker is hes not only straight but christian as well… BOOO!!! and he was so vague about it too "looking for love" HE WASNT SPECIFIC. Men like this are such a tease, and not a good kinda tease…. hes the kinda tease that builds you up only to disappoint you with how dull it is. no shade but hes the type of guy to show off his body only to bash people if they look at him… too fucking complicated!

  2. I'm sorry hot shirtless guy , yeah I don't see anything attractive about him, for one he needs to trim that fucking bush on his face, secondly he was probably in the park being a faggot cruising.

  3. R u guys fucking serious? This is what girls think is hot? I'm sorry he's nothing special, wtf is wrong with u girls these days, honeslty, have some fucking standards, like he's hot?
    This is what u girls think is a hot guy? But yet when I was watching a show about Sergei constance, woman were saying he's '' ok''' wow, u girls are fucked, I guess becaue he's white, that's why? Like get some taste, I'm straight, but I'll tell u something, I'd never be threatened to leave my girl around this guy, hes nothing special

    And trust me, im the type that will admit if a guy is good looking, but clearly he is not anything special, and no its not my opinion, it's a fact, if everyone doesn't agree, your all fucked with bad taste lol

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