Antoni Porowski, the food expert on Netflix’s new reboot of Queer Eye, stopped by Hannah’s kitchen to cook up some healthy farro salad.

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  1. Looks delicious. But almost 20min video to show how to assemble the salad?? Where's is the cooking part?? I find this really weird.

  2. Crispy almonds😋. Love him! He needs a cooking channel for sure, definitely watching Q.E. now. And Hannah is just😍
    Omg Yes great idea farro over quinoa ive been so bored with it lately too✍🏽. Making this today with firm tofu sub for 🐔

  3. Hey Hannah. What is your facial routine? What sun screen or sun block would you recommend for sensitive facial skin?

  4. Thank you for this.will watch again for the info.the prep is basically all the foods I eatlike or that are all accessible & affordable to me in my cityneighborhoodWHOLEFOODS.the farrow (if im pronouncingspelling that correctly)I have NVR heard of it.The almondscashewnuts I can't get with nuts as it nothing for my bodyskin.thanks again for this videoepisode guys.😃

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