Fun in Florida!


  1. eww these guys are ugly gay no in da bible is says no gays!!!! plus i was looking for HOT guys that are straight

  2. i dont like this guy because he outs people or tries to make his living or whatever. Sorry but being a asshole is not a living. Didnt realize he was in Another gay movie so i wont be buying it.

  3. More CRAP!!! Get Perez off of You Tube! He's a no talent spammer who uses You Tube to promote his own show… I'm sick of it. Flag all his videos!!


  4. Don't give up ever, and don't listento the haters. I am soo jealous of you, you get to suck dick and you are friends with Pete from Fall Out Boy. He is soo hot! Next time you see him, tell him "Ryan Tyldesley thinks you're hot!" (He's soo fucking hot!)

  5. I don't know how this guy is even CONSIDERED talented!

    Hes just some dickhead who got lucky. Just like Anna Nicole Smith.

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