As the title says- hot guys (goth, metal, dark, alternative, etc) These are just my preferences so please dont complain if you dont like the guys ive picked. Leave a comment telling me who you would have liked to see. I would have liked to have more gothic guys, but it is really hard to find good pictures on the net.

Static x- ‘Cold’
Deathstars- ‘Little Angels’
One Way Mirror- ‘Destination Device’



  1. @XxXxLeATHERMOUTHXxXx The first one is the band Lacrimas Profundere, and the second pic is of Whiplasher Bernadotte and Cat Casino from the band Deathstars.
    Sorry about the late reply 🙂

  2. there was this sexy ass goth dude in an episode of ghost adventures; i think they were in scotland for those underground tunnels? idk but im adding him to the list 😉

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