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  1. This video got me like 🤪🤪😭😘🥰😘😍❤️❣️💗💛💓💗💕🧡🧡💓💚💝💟💘💘❣️✝️💕💞💕💛💔💕💛💓😭💛❤️💛😍😍😔😔💚💚💕💕

  2. 1. david dobrek
    2. Glee(don't know his name but glees on Netlfix)
    3. styles ( teen wolf or maze runner ) Dylan O'Brien
    4. Klaus MY HOTTIE OMG(tvd, or og)
    5. Glee
    6. Styles again (not complaining i love him)
    7. Um idk looks like a tiktoker😂
    8. My daddy damon (tvd) to stephan(tvd)
    9. Styles (really😂😂)
    10. Um read the comments apparently he's from glee
    11. Redgie, jughead and archie
    12. Carl my bby💕💕 (shameless)
    13. Archie (riverdale)
    14. Glee
    15. Ugh😩😩😩 Danielle Radcliff my daddy (harry potter)
    16. Noah centiano (to all the boys I've loved before to styles (dylan o'brien)

    God someone save me ik all these people and al these shows 🤧🤧🤧 guess im just a hopeless romantic

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