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  1. Jacob or Jessica, HI! Sweetheart you need mental help. I'm not sure if you are a sociopath or a true transgender person. You go back and forth too much. Are you a crossdresser? Drag queen? Transgender? Or gay? I mean we are LGBT&Q so is it possible that you are Q for Queer? I mean you are cuter as a gay guy but as a woman you come off as pretentious, obnoxious, demeaning, furthermore you seem as though you lack self respect as far as this video Is showing. Women are not just creatures that society allow to have sex with men and gay men are more than their bedroom.
    My dear you are not just your intestine & your esophagus. You are a sociopath. Nothing is wrong with your voice. You are just a pretentious deviant. You are disgusting for commenting on those young boys. Stop it and have self respect my dear. I care.
    -Bisexual Black Woman

  2. all. kinda. cute. ok. did. it. bae. ok. be. bless yes. ok. like. the. video. yes💛💛💚💚👏👏🎵🎵😀😀💰💰💰💸💸💯💯💜💜💜😘😘😘💞💞💞💗💗💗👂👂👂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘💯💯💯

  3. Did Jacob snort some coke? Why his voice sounds like that? And he must've had some fillers put in his nose, cause that is not the nose we first saw you with

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