This video is pre recorded form before I dyed my hair back to brown.
Please let me know if any other videos you would like to see me post on this channel♡

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Background music: Spring in my step

Montage Song Used:

Beginning and ending song: Royal Rumble by Astro Safari USA

Credit for intro and Outro: Vloggmylife on YouTube –

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  1. THANK YOU!! SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS MY STRUGGLES!! That is how I am, except for Dean Ambrose. And I don't like coffee either, yet I drink everything out of a coffee cup.

  2. U know what I have a similar issue with, finding people who like wrestling as much as I do. I see people on instagram and I wish I could be friends but as far as I know they're hundreds of miles away and I feel I need more of them in my life because I hate the majority of people in my school or even my county. So almost like u I can't catch a break

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