A pastor in Jacksonville, Florida doesn’t think restaurant patrons should have to be served by gay waitstaff and is offering tips to his congregation on how to avoid interactions with homosexuals in public.

Stedfast Baptist Church preacher Adam Fannin was delivering a sermon over the weekend that explained his process if he discovers that his waiter is a “flaming foo-foo fruit loop.”

“I’m here to have date night, enjoy some time with my wife, and I can’t because of the lisps,” he says to a chuckling crowd.

“If you don’t just get up and leave, my recommendation is to just don’t order anything,” Fannin suggests. “You sit there patiently and you look around, and you will find a lady that looks like a mom, that looks like a very diligent worker.”

Fannin recommends finding a waitress “that’s busy, that’s doing stuff” and to ask them to come serve you instead.


“I guarantee you it always works,” he said. “Then you can enjoy your dinner and, hey, you better tip her well. Let that foo-foo know what he missed out on, okay? That’s how you avoid a gay waiter.”

Aside from being homophobic, hateful and completely unnecessary, it’s also just an extremely basic tip. His advice is literally to just ask for another waiter. Unfortunately for the staff, he suggests looking for someone who already looks too busy to help you in the first place.

He at least urges the congregation to tip well—not because it’s the right thing to do, of course, but simply because it will make the gay waiter feel worse. Truly Christian advice, just in time for the holidays.

Adam Salandra is a writer, performer and host in Los Angeles. When he’s not covering the latest in pop culture, you can find him playing with his French Bulldog puppy or hovering over the table of food at any social gathering.