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Hi my name is Antonio Saldate otherwise known as Ant Man, Sriracha Saldate, Ant Mischief. 

My goal is to grow as a young Youtuber and make the GREATEST CONTENT POSSIBLE! So in order to do that I need your help! I need you to SUBSCRIBE, Like ALL my videos, share my account, and share my videos! I accept any video request you would like me to do. I’m here to make everyone happy:) 


Also if you would like to feature in one of my videos just give me an idea for a video and your name, you can either tell me in the comments or DM me through my personal accounts.


  1. What's this supposed to show? Difference in age or level of education doesn't decide how good a wrestler is. Putting a title on your opponent and facing them sounds a lot better content wise than wrestling any college wrestler; as if that was such a challenge.

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