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About ‘The Whispering’
When a group of high school classmates decide to livestream a fake paranormal broadcast in a haunted house, their prank becomes terrifying reality.

So Joo-yeon
Kim Min-gyu

Choi Sang-hoon

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  1. I've been all over this Channel's comment section.
    Currently starting a petition for this Channel to disclose the name/s of people behind the video clips' funny and witty titles.

  2. The title is a little misleading, but I'm glad I took a chance in watching the video….this scene is more realistic to South Korean culture and livelihoods of youth at that particular age group. I really appreciate that tone in the movie….which has been a dying art for some time now, in most South Korean film. Thnx for posting!

  3. In case you don't understand, the girl with the short hair (Juyeon) did horribly on her college exams because her best friend died. On the trip the kids visit an old amusement park and a haunted house, and Woosong (the smart alecky one) gets everyone to go back to the haunted house, Livestreaming the experience – then the whispers start – fun but scary movie.

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