Russian Olympic Committee President Alexander Zhukov assured media on Thursday there would be no discrimination towards athletes, fans or journalists at the Sochi Olympic Games next year.
Speaking at a Moscow news conference, also video-linked with media in Sochi, Zhukov allayed concerns surrounding the forthcoming Games.
“There will be no discrimination whatsoever with regard to sportsmen, fans, foreign journalists, and tourists who will come to Sochi, on race, gender or any other grounds,” he said.
He also commented on the progress of transport and accommodation facilities ahead of the games.
Zhukov said he hoped the Sochi Games “look better than all others”.
Preparations for the Winter Olympics between February 7 and 23 have been overshadowed by Western criticism of a new anti-gay law in Russia that bans promotion of “non-traditional” lifestyles to minors.
The International Olympic Committee has said it received assurances from the Russian government that the Sochi Games will not be affected by the law.
It remained unclear what would happen if athletes or spectators demonstrate against the anti-gay law.

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