Ken wants justice for his brother Bill, who was killed by a notorious gunman named Stevens for a goldmine map. The gunman is arguing with gangster Malone about the map. A deadly cat and mouse game between the three men ensues.
Spiros Focás – Ken Dakota
George Eastman – Gary Stevens
Nicoletta Machiavelli – Peggy Savalas
Ivy Holzer – Mrs. Malone
Roberto Risso – Duke


  1. Großartige Schauspieler und ein super Westernfilm für alle Westernfans – Klasse. 🌍📺🎬📽🎞📯🤠🎇🤑🌵💎💎🤠💰💰🐴🐎🌵🎲🃏♣️♠️🀄🧔⚰🔫💰💵💲💥🎹📯

  2. Perdida de tiempo mirando esta pelicula estupida mato jente mala no se quedo con El mapa completo Ni mato Al asesino q Mando a matar Al hermano la maldad VA a seguir porque El hombre Malo es banquero y tiene la otra Mitad del mapa

  3. Urgirajte. Kod. Ministra. Da. Sto. Pre. Izbaci. Pacova. Iz. Opstine. I. Negde. Kod. Xotela. Moskve. U. Beograd. Drzi. Radny. Ratlyka. Sa. Tyrcima. Nekamy. Pomogne. Sa. Jednom. Infyzijom. Pa. I. On. Neka. Bezi. Kao. I. Ovi. Ostali

  4. If the guy who had the complete map created the map, it would stand to reason to a logical person the he could re-create the part he gave away. Stupid story line but then it is low-budget Mexican movie..

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