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  1. Photo of Harry with fan is photoshoped. I follow her fan page on Instagram and she has photoshoped other pics too. . May be Camille's pic is photoshoped too 😂😜

  2. how long has the lthqofficial account been in louis bio and why does it still say 1/4 of one direction… am i reaching probably but hey ho it just makes me so happy 🙂 but surely if he hass added the account in the bio and not changed his 1d thing then maybe this means something?… i hope it does anyway aha im probably reaching so much rn idek

  3. Come on, Camille's "porn" video is not a big deal. It can barely be considered a porn video, it's just one video, she just shows her breasts, and some people talk about her like if she was a verified porn actress with a thousand videos. She just doesn't care what people want to say about her. As far as I know, she´s really nice, relaxed and pretty I´ve watched some of her videos. And she totally suports lgbt community. About her being a fan of a rapist, I've just seen allegations that she is a fan of Charles Manson because she owns his biographic books and wore a costume of a Manson's victim for halloween. If she is then that changes my point of view on her. But honestly I hate when the fandom takes this attitude, making up things about the beards or poniting out just the bad things they do, insulting them etc. It's so annoying, just hating on women because they're "dating" your celebrity impossible crush, and suddenly when they "break up" everyone is suddenly like "oh you know, Danielle is actually really cute, she seems nice"

  4. Harry and Camille in LA on a sushi date ! KILLLLLLL MEEEEEEE

  5. Harry Styles joined Jack Antonoff (who’s had a hand in practically every pop song you’ve loved in the past few years) and American singer-songwriter Ilsey Juber to write ‘Alfie’s Song (Not So Typical Love Song)’ for the upcoming ‘Love, Simon’ movie. It’s performed by Bleachers (aka, Jack Antonoff).

  6. Sara, the fan photo is actually fake. The fan that is in the picture owns an instagram account called 'harryheartslouisass' (if u look up to this account, u will find the photoshopped picture and the caption is her playing like the offended one by being photoshopped with camille's face, but u can see shes clearly joking). She made it as a joke I assume cuz she found it annoying to see camille there (we can all relate). By now i dont really know if the hamille picture was the real one, because there were other people saying it was actually gemma, but i never saw anything, so yeah, i think it remains a mystery, but in my opinion, it looks pretty real.

  7. No we’re all shook because he viewed a story from a person named Harry’s tiny husband so yeah 💙💚💙💚

  8. You should leave a link or something so we can put subtitles on your videos:/ because I know a lot of people who want to watch them and they can’t bc they don’t understand English:(

  9. As others have pointed out, Love, Simon is a movie adaptation of the book Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. I, for one, am looking forward to it. The book is terrific, and they casted Keiynan Lonsdale, an actual member of the community, as one of the main characters. The fact that Harry is writing a song for it is pure gravy.

  10. The song for Love, Simon might have little bits of Larry in it, but the movie is based on a novel, Simon VS the Homosapiens Agenda. Also, the email thing was also the email name in the book. The book was real esse in like 2014 I️ think. This is just my opinion on this…

  11. Idk why I'm so pissed about this, but why would they make this movie about Larry? Like it's based on the book, not EVERYTHING has to do with them dating just bc he wrote a song for a movie. I ship them too, but jeez calm down and just enjoy the movie for representation of the community.

    Also, love your videos, this just annoyed me.

  12. love, simon isn't about larry or one direction at all, it's based on a book, im not an anti but it's kind of annoying that people are CONSTANTLY speculating everything is about larry lmfao.

  13. it's based on the book simon vs the homo sapiens agenda and whilst the bluegreen thing seems like it could be related to larry, it's all in the book and it doesn't have anything to do with larry but harry writing the song for the movie definitely screams larry, im so excited to see the movie bc the book is amazing and i literally got it yesterday and i have 8 pages left and i don't want it to be over but highly recommend reading it

  14. This movie is based off a book that was very popular. It's based on the book Simon vs The Homo Sapians Agenda by Becky Albertalli who has great LGBTQ rep in her YA books. As an avid book lover I just had to point this out bc the movie is from this book with a title change. I'm totally a Larry but this movie was definitely not based off of them.

  15. I know She supported Charles Manson and a lot of people say she's had racist remarks. And that one where she pretended to marry her girl friend and was then disrespectful to the LGBT community

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