A video I made because I was bored about hot guys in Hogwartz
Oliver Wood- Sean Biggerstaff
Cedric Diggory -Robert Pattinson
Cormac Mc Laggen – Fredy Stroma
Enjoy :p


  1. As a straight guy I can say that Sean Biggerstaff is really handsome. Celtic people look way better than English people.

  2. Oliver Wood!! Kyaaa! I'm not much of a fan of Cormac Mclaggen, but I have to admit Freddie Stroma is cute^^ I used to love Cedric Diggory, but Twilight destroyed my dreams.

  3. Where are Oliver and James Phelps, and Rupert Grint, and Tom Felton??? And if you're busy, put Devon Murray (Seamus) in there too… But good vid and hot guys! Ohh, and I looooovee Seans "I-totally-kicked-your-ass" face at o:41…

  4. Yey 🙂 none of my friends get why I'm drooling during Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I'm glad someone does 🙂

  5. sean biggerstaff is much good looking than robert pattison, i think he would be better as a vam… uhmmm i guess pattison can be the fairy sparkly princess

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