I have to start this post by saying that this shoot is from back in 2015. It’s by Daniel Jaems, a name I’m sure we’re all familiar with, and I believe it was just at the start of Jacob Hankin’s career. From what I can gather the incredibly handsome young man has been doing a lot of work since then, from the catwalks of Milan to the studios of some of the best photographers.

I actually saw another more recent shoot of him this morning, looking a little more buff and a little less ripped, and it got me looking for previous work. It’s hard to say whether he’s hotter now than he was in 2015, because he’s a pretty stunning looking guy either way. Maybe I’ll get those other pics on here for you to check out this week?

Obviously, one of the most impressive things about him is that face, and those cheek bones. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but obviously it works on guys like him. That jaw line and those cheeks really make him stand out.

Enjoy his pics and leave a comment at the bottom too! And, of course, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.