Gucci Mane’s “Drop Top WOP” album produced by Metro Boomin available now!

Directed by Mr. Boomtown

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  1. Lonecolly shut the fuck up this is Gucci you have no sense because Gucci changed I'm tired telling y'all he changed he just look different because his wife wants him to be healthy but if y'all believe he cloned y'all some crazy ass motherfuckers I'm done telling y'all Gucci told y'all himself he changed but if y'all don't believe that don't talk about it don't listen to his music do not look at pictures of him because this is crazy how people act today god is ashamed of y'all Gucci must be hurt that his own fucking fans won't support him for who he is for crying out loud 😔 man this is stupid and y'all Gucci is never gone always be the same remember that at least be happy for him people can change

  2. Man shut up how can they clone the man you all just jealous cause he having the Life that you haters don't have I'm tired how they talk about Gucci stop with the bullshit

  3. Lol…Gucci this movie so fucking hilarious. Aww him and now wife, that is cute. Rocko, I love you tunes that teach! Preach!!

  4. I see why y he released this old movie he tired of hearing y’all niggas think he a clone he feel like you know what Fans releasing this movie yall believe He still think real Gucci no matter how skinny and fat is He still think cool to me he not Gucci not try clone 😂😂😂

  5. How is these niggaz Talkin about the iPhone X but that wasn’t even out the time they made the movie wtf???

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