For years, Gorton’s Seafood has given us a mascot that looked like this.

But now, the frozen-fish purveyor is making seafood sexy with its new “Trusted by Those Who Know” campaign.

Launched earlier this year by Connelly Partners, the campaign features a series of thirst-quenching commercials: In one, a hunky Poseidon informs us that with Gorton’s, “this temple can remain perfectly pristine and ready for… anything.”

Another ad stars Chad and Brody, two gorgeous mer-bros who keep their rocking bods tight with a steady diet of Gorton’s.

If the ads leave you confused, then, mission accomplished. “What’s great about this campaign is that it leaves the consumer with more questions than answers, which leads to so many options for future content,” Alyssa Toro, Connelly Partners’ chief creative officer, told MediaPost.

We certainly have a lot of questions: Like, is Poseidon seeing anyone? And, can Chad and Brody eating fish sticks be considered cannibalism?