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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and relationship expert (aaron marino of ) talks about the issues surrounding “going commando” aka “free balling” (not wearing any underwear). This video discusses the pro’s and con’s associated with going commando as well as laying out the rules of when it’s okay to go commando and when you should suck it up and put on some underwear.

Going commando- going official term for not wearing any underwear. Aaron Marino of alpha m. got an email from a viewer, which he shares, about this topic. The viewer asks Alpha’s opinion.
The first point is addressed- about being a freak going commando from time-to-time. No, it’s okay to go commando occasionally. When is it okay? It comes down to if you can see your penis (i.e. “can you tell you’re circumcised?”)

What does it say to others if you go bare? Going commando makes a statement about who you are as a man. It could mean that you are a free-spiriting not playing by anybody’s rules. It could also say you haven’t done laundry and you’re lazy.

The test of whether you should go commando or not: put on your pants, look in the mirror, and then ask, “Can Alpha see my penis if I meet him?” If the answer is yes, then put on some underwear. Alpha’s biggest worry about going commando is *pee-spots*. You need to make sure that every ounce of moisture is off of that thing!

Alpha’s Commando Commandments:
Wear underwear with gym shorts due to the light, airy, mesh fabric which can completely show your wiener
Don’t free-ball in sweatpants in public
Wear underwear with dress pants (i.e. professional and business environments) as your schlong will hang left or right & your penis head will be visible

Commando Is Killer:
Jean fabric is thicker so commando is more acceptable but be careful with the zipper!
Khakis & chinos are not bad in regard to the fabric
If the shorts have a zipper and a fly, it’s technically okay to go commando

As respectable men. society and underwear companies say we should wear underwear. But sometimes, we men don’t feel like playing by the rules. Now we have the Commando Commandments. Your move playboy!