When 15-year-old Madelynn was caught sneaking boys into an all-girls sleepover, her parents gave her two options for punishment: give up her phone for a month or give up her phone for two weeks and let her parents take total control of her social media accounts. Madelynn chose the second option, but after seeing the photos her folks posted for all her followers to see, she probably should have stuck with the month-long punishment.


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  1. So she snuck boys into someone else's house at an all girls sleepover??? 😱😱😱 good on them because i wouldnt know what to do 😂 that's disrespectful as hell but ballsy lol

  2. Tik Tok and Facebook will do more harm than good. Tik Tok is a spy tool and Facebook is a false-propaganda tool. Your privacy is more than compromised.

  3. Hi Kelly Clarkson is me connar how are you feeling today and your a great mum and you have a great husband and you have great kids and I love you so much and I love your family and friends and I love your songs so much and I love your voice and I love your music videos and your movies so much

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