The audio quality and the video editing are terrible…but considering I pieced it together between ski runs on a ski vacation…I’m forgiving myself. I hope you will too.

The Nike Ad narrated by Serena Williams alleges inequity in women’s sports – a view embraced by the woke left. This same woke left punish anyone that suggests transwomen have an unfair advantage when competing against biological women. So is there an inequity in women’s sports? If so, why make it worse by suggesting biological men can compete against women?

Trans athletes / transgender athletes like Fallon Fox, Michelle Dumaresq, and Rachel McKinnon demonstrate the unfair advantage that biological men have over women. Testosterone develops the male body and makes it bigger, fast, and stronger than the average female body. Gender inequality in sports is only amplified if trans women (biological men) are allowed to compete against women. Martina Navratilova dared to speak up and was harshly criticized and censored. Is it cheating for trans women to join women’s sports and potentially dominate?