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It’s that time of year again! The one where we all head home for the holidays and curl up in our childhood beds with the lights off to avoid awkward Christmas conversations. And even if you’re alone this holiday, there’s no reason to stay alone in bed. Open your browser, turn off the porn and head straight to Netflix for some proper holiday binging.

This year seemed to be a boon in LGBT cinema. Changing tides in society, thanks to several big-time public officials and celebrities coming out these past years have led to greater acceptance and increased visibility. We’ve got lead characters on network TV played by gay individuals, and more and more LGBT characters hitting mainstream movies and TV series.

And with all that, we’ve still got great gay-themed films. I’ve suffered through all the hot sex scenes and gritty politics to come up with this list of favorite gay films. I’ve tried not to give away too many spoilers, either — so read up on them below and then look ’em all up or ask your local indie cinema to screen these fantastic gay films.