With over 30 million views, The Gay Women Channel is one of the most popular lesbian channels on YouTube. In the above interview with Daily Xtra, comedian Elvira Kurt talks to co-creators Adrianna DiLonardo and Sarah Rotella about their hit channel. Find out which viral parody started it all and what the future holds for The Gay Women Channel.


  1. I think the commentator is not good, I literally stopped watching the interview because of her, she makes these yucky faces when trying to express her questions, hope I do not see her interviwing again, bummer I wanted to see the whole interview on Gay Women…"my" food for thought, take it how you will…

  2. Idk if it's just me but it bothered me that there seems to be a lack of appreciation/knowledge of the gwc from the interviewer. Dont know how to refer to them? How about actor and writer Adriana DiLonardo and Actor, writer, director, editor Sarah Rotella. They did not succeed out of sheer luck, sure gw will marry your boyfriends gave them exposure but it was the quality of the content of everything they did after what earn them their following. 
    Maybe I am going about this the wrong way and if I do I apologize but I would hate to see such talented people being belittled (or at least that's what I perceived).

    Anyways so excited for project gay! Cant wait until we get more info on it 😀 

  3. Barely talented? Is that a joke? Sure they aren't Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but they are talented. At least enough to have a lot of lesbian watching them on time every monday and wednesday. Just saying…
    Nice interview btw

  4. Adrianna and Sarah are two of the most creative people on YouTube. The fact that their channel revolves around gay women is just a bonus.  I've no doubt that these ladies will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

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