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  1. Paul is adorable, so sweet !!! I dreamt of hem last night, a romantic lad who wrote me poetry and my dream was really long. His best friend asked hem bout me and I heard he saying i was the guy he has been looking for hahaha, we've hot kisses but no sex. I did not want wake up anymore;

  2. Is it possible that it was his egg and tomato dishes that killed (poisoned) his roommate to death? Just wondering, seems like a good logic when it comes to the last episode when his imagined live roommate said, 'do you even know how long I have lied down there?'

  3. 1:582:30, OMG!! it's so lovely & heart-warming. Pure Love.
    Pual & jack are so cute & lovely together.

    I 'm liking Paul more & more. he is so adorable. He is handsome, sexy, hot & So cute & his smile makes him even more cute & sexy. Also his eyes are so mesmerizing. Anyone can fall for him. I just love Tommy Heleringer. I wish i could get someone like him.

  4. I thought the death was a bit random. maybe more will be revealed in later a episode, I was also taken that there was no remorse. but I love this show and I hope it continues for a long time.

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