With gay themed indie low budget films spanning over 4 decades, I felt it only prudent to compile a 5 minute showreel/channel trailer promo so that followers, new and old, can check out what films of mine they’ve already watched or what films they may want to watch. There’s everything in my collection from drama to comedy, satire to documentary and series, short film to feature to semi-feature. Films to make you cry; films to make you laugh – films to make you feel whatever you might like to feel!! Thanks for following and viewing over the years. Unfortunately I couldn’t add some of the 80’s and 90’s films I made – the quality wasn’t good enough!
‘Pick me up’ written & performed by Dan Fry


  1. I have watched and enjoyed all of these and several of them I have downloaded and saved on my hard drive.

  2. You both are very talented and I wish the best. I have wanted to do a short for a long time,. Maybe one day I will get around to it. I want to tell my story. I really enjoy your videos!  Cheers

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