heey guys…sorry…this just isn’t my week. Shield your eyes from my complete sickly state. Literally losing it, haha and omg it’s a scab next to my mouth, just try to ignore it. (I know I cant)

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  1. I said something like" there is no sense is saying that.. how would you like it if we said that is so straight." I tried to say it the kndest way I could.. Was that okay?

  2. Haha thanks ! That's so ridiculous it's funny, haha but great job of telling him other wise. People like you are making a difference, thank you for doing that.

  3. Thank you (: and yes it's certainly still relevant however. It's really tiresome to hear people say that, but saying something to that person in a kind way is a small step to fix the current day in age youth's ignorance.

  4. I hope you feel better and you look fine!! Idk if this relates to the question thing but like when people say "that's so gay."I know off topic, but that gets on my nerves-.-

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