TRAILER SMASH — this video is a hosted, visually electronic resume with many of my homemade gay/LGBTQI films included within the eclectic smash up of the films’ trailers. I’ve been making LGBTQI films since 1989 up until now. Some of the more popular ones such as, ‘Purple Haze’ – ‘Shrine’ – ‘All Sorts’ – ‘The Gay Dad’ – ‘Bare’ – ‘Spirit Spouse’ – ‘Resurrection’ – ‘Summer Dark’ – ‘Deep Sh!t’ – ‘What Gay Men Want’ – ‘A Gay Sci-Fi’ – ‘Wood Talk’ are also in there, with a crap load more 馃檪
Music by Joseph Roy

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  1. Of course I've seen every one of these and several of them two or three times and fully 40% of them I downloaded and saved into my series of external hard drives. You are the Master, Dan. No doubt about it. Of the deep and enigmatic. I certainly know what this gay man wants and he lives on the coast of Victoria. I can only hope he might come back.

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