‘Spirit Spouse’ is a gay short film exploring sexuality.
This is a story about an Author whose life turns into a confusion of fantasy and real life, Homo-Erotica and Shamanic rituals, once his wife leaves with the children, to allow time for him to explore his suppressed alternative sexuality. The Novelist finds himself caught between the real world and a transcendental fantasy world that becomes an integral plot in his new book.
Shot in our Rain Forest garden with snakes, possums, lizards, wallabies & Koalas 馃檪
‘Heart of BamaGrandma’ & ‘BugginOut’ – written, composed & produced by 漏 Joseph Roy


  1. Are you kidding ? The open t-shirt, the black boots he was wearing at the beginning, the white dogs and his attitude is creaming…Gay !

  2. Beautiful imagery & score, very evocative of the Other World. It is true that the people around us create and anchor us in consensual reality, while prolonged solitude and proficiency at trance states open up Other ones. I think these guys know about what they are depicting here. (And the boxers were enjoyable!)

  3. aku percaya…
    Indah nya saling mencintai walaupun menjadi gay.
    Mungkin sekarang aq cuma ketemu yg matre & modus saja,
    Tapi kayaknya kedepan aq yakin bertemu yg tulus.

    Ada banyak diluar sana yg menawarkan keseriusan?
    tapi aq belum bisa, jika km ngondek.
    Aku cuma tertarik GAY MANLY.
    Kriteria Susah sih digambarkan detail.
    Intinya kenalan aja dulu.
    Cocok / nggak kita lihat nanti.
    Aku gak mau maksa. & tidak mau dipaksa. Jadi benar" butuh suka sama suka. Agar gada modus.

    Penting nya, kamu bisa diajak merantau kesini, daerahku.
    Bisa cari2 kerjaan disini.
    Hidup bareng gitu…

    Kenalan aja dulu yak…
    Tanpa tukar foto = gak usah ngontak!
    Wechat : debelitong
    Line : gaybelitung
    Hp : 085664600785

  4. I found this film boring and pointless. Had I realized it was a Dan Fry movie, I would not have bothered. Now I have wasted my time.

  5. I found it Eerie and exiting all at once, exactly how love is when it is out to get you..Exellent film Dan 馃槈

  6. really really liked this. however, I found that in the dream sequences it would have been better to have had the actors in just the painted masks. i found the boxers unnatural and distracting. would have been more powerful and primal had they been naked.

  7. +Dan Fry I麓m from Costa Rica bro… I saw the previews from the new film. They look beautiful. I guess I understood the abstract work behinds the painted masks and I like the construction of elaborated interactions between you and the other actor. Very well elaborated dialogues without even talking sometimes. It was really good. Gotta admit that you also maintained high the homo-erotica through the film since both of you are handsomes and did not even got close to anything vulgar, just beautiful.聽

  8. Nature in itself, for me, is a great aphrodisiac among other things. It would be nice to have the comforts of home and be surrounded by trees/etc.聽 Nature is a natural "drug" for me and it brings out all sorts of imagination, desires, but above all, peace and harmony in my heart. It is like a way to leave "society rules" and give in to the true inner being.聽 Glad to see you back and hope that all is very well. 聽

  9. Paul and I just watched this 1237 ET 16 Jan. Paul remarked that this is tame and nearly mainstream compared to some other stuff you have done. Having been given a bit of a hint about this we were noticing many things not germaine to the cinematic point and story you wished to convey. We will watch it again with a less supercilious eye for fun and "get serious".

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