I love making gay themed films for my channels — especially when they get entered for festivals; shown on cable or garner many views. It’s even better when they get reviewed for some awesome LGBTQ entertainment platforms out there! I love the acting; writing; directing and editing — the whole process — if there’s any aspiring gay filmmakers out there who have films they would like to share, depending whether I find the content to be suitable, I will happily share your work throughout my social media. We need more innovative LGBTQ filmmakers telling their stories — even more so now in these precarious Republican, far-right conservative times.
Don’t be swept under the carpet and forgotten! XX
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  1. But Dan. You live in Australia. The Republican Party surely is not in Australia now, unless it's all part of an infiltration exercise to bore everyone in the Southern Hemisphere to tears. But you are dead right. Never too much gay content out there.

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