It’s late at night in a burger bar in Cardiff, Wales. Gay and straight, male and female, couples, singles and friends all collide and share chips and more in this charming short from director Magnus Mork.

An Iris Prize production, distributed by Peccadillo Pictures.

BOYS ON FILM X is the tenth volume in the world’s most successful short film series.


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  1. This was surprisingly very interesting! The acting and editing was amazing and the whole plot was something I didn't think I'd enjoy but ended up loving 😂 it shows that despite our many differences, we're all human and because of that, we're both equally flawed and perfect ❤️ great video!

  2. After watching this great short film it reminded of a night after clubbing I was aged 25. I went into buy chips in a busy chipper shop and got chatting to a another lad who happen to be walking back the same way… he asked where i was out clubbing ,, i told him a gay bar , he told me he wasn't gay but 80 % hetro ! he also mentioned he was hoping to marry a women and have kids one day.. we walked and ate our chips. I arrived to my place and said to him, ok this is my stop.. he asked if i had any weed or beer.. yes i replied .. not long after when we got in he strips naked and gets into my bed. 🙂 and the guy at the end also looked like him lol

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